How to use EB Mailchimp Sync


Step 1: Install EB Mailchimp Sync plugin

  • Login to Joomla administrator panel and Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Install
  • On the Installation Page, Select the "Upload Package File" Tab, Then Upload Downloaded Zip 

Step 2: Go to EB Mailchimp Sync Plugin

  • Go to Extensions -> Plugins

Step 3: Plugin Page

  • Search for "EB Mailchimp Sync" in the Search box and Click on Close icon for Disable to Enable Plugin, Then Click on "EB Mailchimp Sync" plugin to start editing.

Step 4: Go to Plugin

  • Click on Description "Mailchimp Site" link to Get Mailchimp API Key
  • Add API Key in Mailchimp API Key field
  • Then Click on Connect Button or Save Plugin.
  • Silent Registration - Configure Yes for Silent Registration, It will skip confirmation email to client from Mailchimp
  • User Groups - Sync particular one or more user groups to Mailchimp
  • Mailchimp List - Display all Mailchimp list from Mailchimp account. Select a list to which new users will be assigned if they choose to receive your newsletter
  • From Date, To Date -Sync particular date range user to Mailchimp
  • Update List - Using this button, you will Update your Mailchimp List anytime.
  • Select Mailchimp list, you will see Sync users to Mailchimp Button. Click on this button for Sync users with your Mailchimp account in particular Mailchimp List
  • Users will start appearing in your Mailchimp account contact list very shortly.
  • And you're done. Have a look at the Mailchimp account!
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