How to use EB Teams

Step 1: Install EB Teams module

  • Login to Joomla administrator panel and Go to System -> Extensions
  • Select the "Upload Package File" Tab, Then Upload Downloaded Zip

Step 2: Go to EB Teams Module

  • Go to Home Dashboard -> Modules

Step 3: Module Page

  • Search for "EB Teams" in the Search box and click on "EB Teams" module to start editing screenshot
  • On the Module Edit Page, Select Position for EB Teams module for display and Change status from Unpublished to Published screenshot

Menu Assignment

  • Configure Page where you want to display EB Teams Module screenshot

Purchase Key

  • Enter the purchase key to enable auto updates


  • Filter added this tab will display in Teams tab each item as dropdown filter option have
  • Filter fields are optional


  • Image
  • Title
  • Position
  • Short Description - Is display on profile and popup on option
  • Long Description - Is display on popup on option
  • Filter (if add filter options in filter tab)
  • Email (Icon only display if not emapty field)
  • Facebook (Icon only display if not emapty field)
  • Twitter (Icon only display if not emapty field)
  • WhatsApp (Icon only display if not emapty field)
  • Linkedin (Icon only display if not emapty field)


  • Styles - Selelct the style want to display front end
  • Grid - Grid provide flexiblty of items want to dsiplay in row
  • Theme Color - This color apply to the any style selelcted based on style
  • Show Filter - This option allow to hide/show filter at frontend (if inside filter tad not add any filter then any how filter will not display at frontend)
  • Filter Align - Left/Right/Center
  • Filter Text Color
  • Filter Active Text Color
  • Title Color - Item title coloer
  • Sub Title Color - Is apply coloer on Position fild text
  • Text Color - Is apply on Short and Long Description
  • Popup Function - If set ON then any style click on title Profile open in popup
  • Popup Style - Popup has two style selelct based on your prefreance
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