How to use EB Whatsapp Chat


Step 1: Install EB Whatsapp Chat module

  • Login to Joomla administrator panel and Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Install
  • On the Installation Page, Select the "Upload Package File" Tab, Then Upload Downloaded Zip 

Step 2: Go to EB Whatsapp Chat Module

  • Go to Extensions -> Modules

Step 3: Module Page

  • Search for "EB Whatsapp Chat" in the Search box and click on "EB Whatsapp Chat" module to start editing
  • On the Module Edit Page, Select Debug Position for Whatsapp Chat module for display and Change status from Unpublished to Published

Menu Assignment

  • Configure Page where you want to display EB Whatsapp Chat

Button Setting

  • Button Position - Configure Button Position likes Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Right, or Top Left
  • Button Background Color - Configure Button Background Color for Whatsapp Button
  • Button Text Color - Configure Button Text Color for Button
  • Button Text - Configure Button Text for Button, If you leave blank than Display only Icon on Fronted
  • Buttton Icon - Select anyone from Predefined Icon or Upload Icon which's you want, If you don't choose any icon than Display only Text Button on Fronted

Popup Setting

  • WhatsApp Number * - Configure WhatsApp Number, Client will be connect with this WhatsApp Number. Please add without space, (, ), +, etc. Add Mobile Number with country Code like: 91
  • Initial Message - Configure Initial Message for Client
  • Header Type - Configure Popup Header Type for provide information about Backend Agent or any information. Select Agent name And Image or HTML Content
  • Agent name And Image
  • Agent Name - Configure Agent Name
  • Department Name - Configure Department Name
  • Agent Image - Configure also Agent Image
  • Middle Content - Configure Middle Content for any General Information.
  • HTML Content
  • Heading Content - Configure Heading Content like show in below screenshot
  • Middle Content - Configure Middle Content for any General Information.
  • And you're done. Save the module and have a look at the front end!


How to change the Write a response text

  • Login to Joomla administrator panel and Go to Extensions -> Language(s) -> Overrides
  • Select Language
  • Add New Language Constant
  • Add Language Constant and Text
  • Text : Add Particular Language Text
  • Save Languages: Edit Override
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